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she flashed a lewd gesture at him. the driver eventually tells her
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to call her miss metro. now, there are some that are rude and beyond that, as indicated in that particular issue. we do have cameras on board. we do record things. and if that is on the camera, on the film, that will certainly add to what we do with the bus driver. >> the driver is then placed on administrative leave during the investigation. well, sky 9 is out over northern virginia golf course, right at the center of a pretty major controversy this evening. all the case of a big corporation verses the residents of reston. you can see the gulf course off of sun rose valley is owned by a person who says they ought to be able to develop the land, but surae chin tells us why they are fighting so hard to make sure it doesn't happen. >> reporter: reston, the first community in the country known for co-existing with business and nature, known for its trees, walking paths, and yes,
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golf courses. it will always be in his backyard. >> there is no question that everyone around it here paid a premium for their house years ago when they bought it because of the golf course and because we were promised it would always be there. >> that promise is shattered. the owner of the golf course wants to rezone the property. residents say building home on the green was not a part of the plan in this community. >> it's horrifying. if we want to have a house, then we could have bought in lots of other developments around northern virginia. >> destruction of our protected open space. >> reporter: at a press conference, they will fight until they see their kind of green to keep the golf course. many bought the course with every intention of retiring here. >> one of the biggest reasons why i bought this house is to enjoy looking out at the golf course and the privacy that it
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has happening to me. >> reporter: their company northwestern mutual insurance had, they want to rezone the land for residential use. and the county says they will go against reston and fairfax county's master plan. the companies are now taking it up to the fairfax county board and zoning appeal. >> the cities all over the world have been planned based on the model of reston. it is a gem when you think about the neighborhoods and for it to be, you know, mauled. especially by the development. it just makes you sick. >> reporter: reston rescuers, they say the fight has only begun as they plan on protesting anded holding meetings to stop any development on the golf course. in reston, surae chinn, 9news now. >> it sounds like those developers have their work cut out for them. in fact the reston national golf manager hung up on our reporter as we so reached out to northwest mutual insurance as they told us they have no specific future development
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plans. the hearing is scheduled for next month. now an update to a story we first brought to you at 11:00. frames were all stopped after the suspicious package was discovered in the city of manassas park. authorities first believe that the black bag contained human remains, butted today the medical examiner said those remains are not human. >> the ymca is closed in bowie until had further notice because of a fire. they say it looks like the flame started outside the building in the 3500 block and then spread to the second floor. look at that. no injuries and they are still working on the cause. well, police stepped up their patrols at northwest d.c. after a student was shot there yesterday afternoon. police say that the victim got into some sort of argument with another student. and the suspect left campus, came back, brought a gun, shot at victims on the school's football field. this all happened when class was dismissed. police believe that they do have the shooter in custody.
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the victim we're told, the injuries i should say, they were not life threatening. a central high school student was remembered today. funeral services were held for mark at the jericho city in landover, maryland. he was shot and killed last week as he walked to school in capitol heights, maryland. police are still looking for his killer. the frederick police department says they are investigating a disturbing incident involving a young middle school student. a girl walking to school as she was reportedly confronted by a man in the vehicle this morning near berk and west south street. the frederick middle school student said that this manmade several lewd gestures and sexual comments to her that he drove away when she ignored him. police said at no point did he try to get that 12-year-old into his car, but authorities say students walking to school should be accompanied by an adult or walk with a friend whenever they can. both presidential candidates in florida today. they are looking for votes. it is one of the handful of key
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states with the large hispanic populations that will help decide this election. we'll bring you more from the white house. >> reporter: both candidates are crossing the sunshine state to a key group of voters. president obama sat down with reporters from the spanish- language tv station to talk to la tina voters. >> rose vision best represents the aspiration of not only the latino companies, but of all americans that believe we're a nation of laws and immigrants? >> reporter: he counted the steps they took this year to protect the immigrants who came to the u.s. illegally as children. but many in this key voting group are pressing on whether or not they felt comprehensive immigration reform. all to step up to say that we'll work with you to make it happen. >> reporter: but mitt romney called the president's action on immigration election year
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politics. but they failed to find a permanent solution. >> and then he put up a stop- gap measure, just temporary. these kids, they deserve something better than temporary.
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where the tickets will start at $20,000. the two candidates for the u.s. senate seat being vacated participated in the debate today in northern virginia. >> members of congress got a chance today to follow up on a report about that botched gun operation called fast and furious. the house hearing, they came less than 24 hours after the report effectively cleared the attorney general. and dissecting three hours of the questions to the justice department inspector general. about where the program went wrong. >> and this failure, for the
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safety of the individuals in the united states. and in mexico. they were not told when they should have been about the suspected gun traffickers, with the weapons purchased in the u.s. gun shots. the republican chairman says that despite the widespread failures that have now been disclosed. >> and i think that the inspector generals report, they do catch blame for high-ranking people that are not asking more questions, but i agree with them that neither one of them were found to know it. >> reporter: some of them
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boiled the more than 554 page result. the answer expects new standards and guidelines, if many hopes that a failed operation will never have a sequel. in washington, emily schmidt, 9news now. and following the release of the report yesterday, the attorneyier said, "it is unfortunate that some were quick to make accusations before possessing the facts about these operations." and coming up, an elderly woman calls a report on a burglar inside her home. what happened next is nothing less than a travesty. well gorgeous right now. we'll let you know how cool it will get tonight and fall arrives on saturday. is it going to feel like summer or fall? we'll explain. the viral movie clip assaulting muslims launches a legal fight towards google and youtube to remove that video. we'll have the latest coming up.
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a judge has denied a request that would force youtube to take down the trailer that has been blamed for all the deadly violence overseas. >> an actress is also suing the man behind the movie, innocence of muslims. as they report, the film touches off more protests today in pakistan. an anti-islamic film triggered a new wave of the american protests in pakistan today. they fired tear gas at students to keep them away from the u.s. embassy. protesters burned a view of president obama in another city. muslims called the film a blast, saying it mocks the profit mohammed -- prophet mohammed. saying she was tricked to appear in the trailer. >> what was your understanding about what the film was all about? >> when i was a cast of the film, the name of the film was
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desert warriors, suppose to be based on how thins were -- things were 2,000 years ago. >> garcia says she is getting death threats. >> my whole life has been turned upare side down in every aspect. >> reporter: and that it was the film she was working on, dubbed the anti-islamic dialogue into the clip without the actress' knowledge. authorities questioned him last weekend. a judge rejected garcia's request to order youtube and google to remove the trailer. garcia says it invades their privacy that they argue that removing the clips would be a violation of free speech. >> they do not consent to being used as a public. >> reporter: youtube has blocked the trailer in saudi arabia, egypt, and indonesia because it violates laws in those countries. cbs news, los angeles. the film maker is on
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probation for bank fraud as he is only allowed to use the internet with permission of the probation officers. it's unclear if he uploaded that film to youtube. police shot and killed an 82-year-old virginia woman after she reported a burglary. down power was shot by police while attempting to run to the sisters house just two doors away. and i heard something this morning in had the news that happened, with another one happening. i mean, you know, i thought it would be something to do that was a drug related problem or something in that nature and then i would get called when i was at work to grow on that. >> the relatives say she lives in fear of break-ins at her home, apparently fired up a shot out of her back door before making break for her sisters home. virginia state police, they have really taken up the investigation into what happens. at least seven people are being treated for injuries they
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got in a baltimore bus crash. they were waiting in a shelter today when the bus literally jumped that curve and struck them. they were rushed to the hospital with injuries described as non-life threatenings. the mta's bus driver taken for drug and alcohol levels were routine for the serious crash. well the washington nationals are still just one win away from clinching the first playoff birth for the major league baseball team. well, since i was a kid. dave owens is live at the national park where the excitement and the anticipation is building up for tonight's game against the dodgers. now dave, we thought we had it last night and then it just slipped away. >> reporter: yes, he thought he would spoil the party out here. of course that late home run, giving the dodgers the 7-6 win. it made us wait just a little bit for the nationals to try to clinch that first playoff spot like you say in some 79 years. even as you say, derek, it brings to mind, just how bad it had franchise has been. i mean, the nationals, they lost about 300 games, over a
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three-year span. then all of a sudden the clouds turn and you could pinpoint a couple of things. the drafting of all of those things. but we're going to dive into some of the other things as well. right now over my shoulders. they are preparing, going through their final chucks into the batting cage as they will try to get a big win tonight. like i said, this is big. 789 -- 79 years the last time the d.c. baseball team said they could play in the post- season. they were the senators there to take on the new york giants then. will the same thing happen this year? wow. the fact that we're even asking that question is something. coming up at 5:50, i'm going to talk to what i feel is one of the main o traitors of this turnaround. he made a lot of moves to put this team right where they are right now. 32 games above .500. that's coming up at 5:50, derek, back to you in the studios. >> looking forward to hearing from mr. rizzo.
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let's go outside where topper and the ladies are having a lot of fun. >> yes, it is. >> remember, he also came to help build them up. he's gone now, but thank you. >> that's fantastic. temperatures are very comfortable. temperatures will be a little below average tonight and then pop up above average. tomorrow's last full day of summer is on a warmer note. all right, satellite picture, radar combined. i'll point this out. it's kind of weird. it is just west of detroit. normally you'll get a cold front there. that will be below us, but it won't be the case.
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it will move a little further eastward for you to produce the showers in pennsylvania and new york state overnight. but essentially this is the front that will go on through, not tomorrow, but saturday evening and saturday night. in the meantime, okay, a few more clouds than what they had earlier, but still a fantastic day with temperatures in the 70s. 78 in rockville, 74 in the great falls. 73 in vienna. this is pretty nice. 75 here in college park. and 72 for you over in bowie. okay, now more like summer more a while. again tomorrow is our last full day of summer. cool tonight, but not as chilly. no 40s tonight. so you can open up your windows a little further. you'll need your sunglasses tomorrow and then even warmer for you still on saturday. fall arrives in the morning, but saturday will feel like a summer's day. for tonight clear to partly cloudy, cool. but not as chilly. so open up the windows. 52 to about 60 downtown. that's a pretty nice night. in fact lows tonight, no 40s. we're going to replace the 40s in gaithersburg and rockville
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in the lower 50s. 55 out towards college park. and we're looking at 54 for you in reston, 53 in sterling, and maybe as you go far enough west out towards leesburg and manassas. now tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, pleasant, cool, not a chilly start. i don't think that you'll need to fight with the kids to take a sweater. 50s and 60s, warms up pretty rapidly. by the afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy, pleasantly warm. winds will pick up just a little bit southeasterly at about 10 to 15. and now the next three days, code green, why not? still great for you tomorrow, low 80s. partly cloudy. and still great for you on saturday. yes, still the clouds are coming it in late, but today, it is dry. don't cancel there. maybe a shower on saturday night. 84. and then sunday, well, first full day of fall. boom, we'll flip a switch and it feels like fall. temperatures in the lower 70s. so if you're going to go to the redskins game. figured that temperatures are around 70. if you're going to the ravens game, take a sweatshirt. they will be in the 50s before
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the game goes. next seven days. monday, we are still cool in the lower 70s. even on u tuesday, temperatures moderate a little bit, still below average. maybe a shower for you late wednesday, wednesday night. and then next thursday, well, we're in great shape again. partly cloudy to mostly sunny. temperatures back in the lower 70s. so yeah we're looking at a nice little stretch of weather. even into the weekend it will be like half summer and fall. it will be nice. >> will it sounds like you could roll into another weekend like this next week. >> yeah, perhaps. >> keep them coming. >> she's on a role. coming up, oprah winfrey makes forbes list of the 50 most powerful women in business. but where she falls on this year's list may surprise you. but first, the suspect in the colorado massacre, he has another court date. and he's got a brand new look. we'll have the latest on the case against james holmes coming your way next.
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he was looking a little different with that bright orange hair was all gone and his days expression. this time he had short brown hair and a mustache. and a big smile, glancing around the room doing a procedures. they gave up his experience with what they sent on out there just before the massacre. he's charged with murder, including attempted murder with opening up the fire of the latest showing of the batman movie. that all happened back in june. >> the second leg of the journey to los angeles. the orbiters made it a few level passes for you over nasa facilities into mexico before reaching the air force base in california. 54 of their missions ended at the base in the desert. weather permitting tomorrow,
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the endeavour will head north to a san francisco flyover before coming back to l.a. far pass over the griffith observatories, the hollywood hills, and the historic l.a. city hall. >> quite a site for them. >> yes. they are out with their 50 most powerful women in business and there is one familiar name that barely made this year's list. >> the president and the ceo finished first. they were second. they came in third and the ceos here, round out the top five. but there is one very noticeable drop. oprah winfrey who held the 16th spot last year limited to 50 this year. here is her reaction on the cbs this morning. >> i think anybody that will be successful if many their own life will u that the most important thing, it is to take ownership for you of wherever your ranking is, your standing
5:27 pm
is. i have been very honored and flatteredded over the years to be on a various list. but for me, the most important thing is what you'll do with that ranking. >> now listen, they are still on the list. she is 151 out of 400. and currently worth an estimated 2 -- $2.7 billion. >> she is okay. >> yeah, she is okay. coming up, amusement park goers will get a lot more than what they bargained for. and also ahead if you're eyeing that iphone five that the price has you a little bit weary, we'll show you simple ways to stay. and they decide to enter up the digital h and describe the citizens. that story is coming up.
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and the smithsonian is about to launch their first ever national ad campaign. >> they are designed to reintroduce everybody with what is already the most view for you for the whole country. they will join us live in the national mall with details on how they will plan to get us in the door. >> they decided to brace that digital aid and their digital citizens, asking them for help. this is a part of the first ever advertising campaign for you and the smithsonian.
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[ laughter ] learn stuff, it's important. >> but the 160-year-old institution wants to be thought of as much more than america's attic. >> what we want them to know, they have things that could be very useful to help them educate their kids to help teach them there and to help students here education themselves. >> and the ads will drive you to the seriously amazing website. which will ask questions to provide seriously amazing answers. >> i think it is amazing and about being surprised for you. >> they target young mothers. >> a lot of the times they don't have times to come here physically. >> but the new ad campaign is not just targeting moms and their kitties. they are going after another demographic. >> these younger people are here for the technology. they need to be where they are to be any place any time,
5:32 pm
anywhere. >> and they are themselves for the my lienale and the models for the ads. to be popping up online, they will be at buses, bus stops, billboards, among the five cities, washington, d.c. reporting live at the smithsonian, i'm armando trull, back to you. >> and we really like that. but you know, some ads cannot hurt. thank you. >> all right. >> they show that they will be home to six out of ten counties with the highest household incomes in the country. loudoun county topped the list with the household incomes of about 19 -- 119,000. even police williams in virginia. as they look to expand gambling, that will be underway to help people go a little overboard. the university of maryland school of medicine says they
5:33 pm
have received a $5 million grant to create a problem gambling center. among other things, they will feature a telephone health line to the treatment centers. maryland residents will be deciding in november, whether or not to add the table games and the slot parlors at a new casino in prince george's county. and police, they say that they have arrested two people selling the counterfeit iphones. a father/son team and the 25- year-old were taken into custody after merchants complain about sails of the bogus iphones. >> the guys selling the phone were trying to sell us the phones that i have now. for $250 a piece. they were selling them as if they were real. and as soon as we took them out of the box, you know, we immediately identified them being fraudulent. >> they were charged with five counts of trademark infringement and vending without a license.
5:34 pm
you won't get a phone from apple. let me just tell you. it is a known fact. apple has never failed. the company, they do lower prices when they release newer models. and then you're not going to find any bargain basement deals. so if you need to have apple's latest iphones, here is how to save some bills. >> reporter: you're eyeing up the iphone 5. >> and first, don't break your contract. a 15 gigabyte iphone will cost that for your monthly bill. and to offset the cost even further, consider selling your old phone to a site like gazelle. a 16 gb iphone 4s in perfect condition will get you $250. apple iphones a $250 gift card when you recycle your 4s through them or you can donate your phone to a charity, such as cell phones for soldiers.
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here's some advice before you partner with your old phones. >> it wipes it completely. and that is just clear for you. the photos, apps, just make it clear. >> reporter: and don't ditch that phone until the new one is up and running, where you might get stuck. and if you want to hold on on the unlimited plan, resist the urge to pre-order online. you'll have better luck getting that plan for you grandfathered in. by talking to somebody. >> reporter: well sleeping on an unexpected rise, the 21- month-old boy was being told with what happened when their mom had gone inside a home to retrieve something. she called police, she thought that the vehicle was stolen. the tow truck driver, they said that he hauled the suv away because it was parked in the fire lane.
5:36 pm
and that's when the boy was found for the mom. >> the baltimore county police was looking for the crooks behind the cookie caper. two men stole 24 pounds of goodies from the great cookie at the mall that happened early tuesday morning. now, they do have surveillance videos of the crimes, but we would love to see it. and the baltimore sun reports that the thieves, they hit up the same cookie shop last month, but slower this month because they were bigger. [ laughter ] >> and i thought i had a good one. coming up, the incredible story of that beagle who survived 135-foot dive off of a delaware river bridge. top? >> all right, the weather is fantastic. the pollen, well, not so great. here's a look at the pollen. it is slow for grasses and trees, but still in the moderate range. we'll come back and talk about your temperatures going up. we'll also talk about the football forecast. we've got the redskins and ravens in town on sunday. but coming up next, the police officer, they risked
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their life to push a woman to safety. and don't forget that we're always on stay with us, we'll be right back with you after the break.
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now, very quick-thinking police officers will save a woman and himself by saving a car right after the traffic accidents. now, okay, they needed to get out in front of us. and that will be barreling towards them. look at them jumping out of the way, the woman pushing out of the way, possibly saving both
5:40 pm
of their lives. they suffered a few scrapes and bruises, the man that hit the police car was drunk. they are on board an amusement park ride. a malfunction is less than 350 feet above the ground for nearly four hours. it would happen not too far for you as they show them sitting calmly, casually swinging their legs as they waited for help. what else could you do? they eventually lowered them to the ground, long after the park had closed. there was a similar malfunction on this thing. that happened last month and they are closed right now. >> yeah. i would think so. i wouldn't ignore that. >> no, no more. for a new jersey company, comes an incredible dog tail of survival, with their owner losing a dog on the bridge over the delaware river. for some reason, she decided to take a 135-foot plunge into the water and somehow survive. >> there is nothing to be said other than it is a miracle.
5:41 pm
how does a dog jump from the bridge, survive, swim to shore against the current. and know to go to the jersey side? >> wow. >> well. hours after she was lost and jumped into the river, brandy was found next to the river. amazing, she only had a bruise on her stomach. that's one special dog. >> i guess that's what happens when you do a belly flop. >> yes, from that high up. >> yes. still ahead, hoping for the bleeding glimpse. we'll let you find the panda cup -- panda cub. >> but first, lots of kids want their own robots. now one local hospital is using them to help sick kids get out of the hospital and heal faster.
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getting that child out of the hospital faster. >> that's what happened with the guidance of the robot. just ask one little girl from virginia who wants to tell other kids hey, it's cool, you don't need to be scared.
5:45 pm
sydney leonard is an active young athlete growing up in hay market where at the end of last year, playing any sport will bring tremendous pain. >> when she participated in sports, drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated, she would be getting a lot of back pain after the sporting events. >> it felt like they were banging at it. >> reporter: they did an mri to look for a back injury, but found something else. one of her kidneys were dilated because of a blockage. when she drank a lot of liquids, that added pressure, causing up the pain. surgery was the only way for them to fix it. >> whether and it really requires removing a portion of the drainage system, and then reconnecting it, getting rid of the abnormal. >> he is a creator of the surgal procedures on children. the high-tech guidance fine tunes the control of the accuracy of the surgeon's movement with robotic arms and
5:46 pm
tools. that means a delicate procedure like sydney's could be done through three smaller incisions, instead of open surgery. >> they required a lot less of the pain medicine. >> they got me checked in and then i got my surgery done. >> they spent one night and we were home the next day by 3:00. >> reporter: and she was back to school in a couple of weeks. >> if nothing else, your pain is much less. they have a lab dedicated to find new ways for you to use that in children, making the instruments smaller, more precise, and able to tackle even more reconstructive procedures. derek? >> they are kicking off what they call the healthy parks healthy people, greater washington area. it's a very long name for something that will be aimed at them. yeah, it probably does. encouraging people to enjoy the parks in the public lands for
5:47 pm
their physical and mental well beings. >> we have seen thousands of children and adults for you every year, suffering from nature deficits. and we all need to move on more. and we all need to move outside. >> yes. we need to move more and move more outside. now a part of this initiative, there will be a 1.8 mile walk in the rock creek park this coming sunday, starting at 2 and topper, the weather looks okay for that, right? >> question. >> but it doesn't matter. >> yeah. >> nothing turned outside, not yet. although that the baby would like this weather. if you look in that circle, you can see it right there. that little blog. he's a baby it be had >> that's what we think is the cub. >> yeah, just maybe. >> that's the mom.
5:48 pm
>> yes. taking it up. >> yeah, i saw it. yeah. so cute. >> i guess. >> yes, nothing more complex. you can see the butter there, unless you get close anyway, right? had >> yes. >> and it really is great. >> it feels like a human baby when they were first born. >> yes, okay. [ laughter ] bob, we'll jump on it. that's why you will always be an uncle. >> they were funny looking too. >> all right, we've got always kinds of things this weekend if the skins are in town, the home opener. the 8:00 game. also, i'm doing a blog right now if you ever wonder how that will happen. >> for sure where they come from. >> ultimately. the information is taken on the weather center. they are having an open house on saturday and sunday, 9-5 on
5:49 pm
saturday, noon to five on sunday. it is pretty cool. >> exactly. or if you are curious, they had need to watch the weather balloons. >> fantastic. >> look outside, this is the live weather cam. we're looking at just a few clouds. a very nice evening. you cannot beat that with the stick. the dew points are still in the 40s. and also 46 here. five in the last ten mornings. it was 54 this morning. and that is as cool as we have been since, you know, last may 14. and so we are getting towards fall. and we are getting a couple calls for you earlier to worry about that, but not yet. the weather could accelerate the process, but all about the length of the day. and we still got a few weeks for you. things are not quite as burden as it has been. just a little tiny change, but you know, no color yet. the pressure is steady.
5:50 pm
all right currently, 78 in rockville, 73 in great falls. 72 in arlington and college park. just fantastic. great night for baseball. and the nats are in town tonight. more like summer. tomorrow is the full day of summer. not chilly. you'll need your sunglasses tomorrow, even warmer on saturday. for tonight, clear to partly cloudy, cool. not as chilly. opening up the windows, low temperatures, 52 to about 60. the next three days, code green, and why wouldn't we? very nice for you tomorrow. mid-80s on saturday, yeah, clouds are coming in late, maybe a sprinkle on saturday night. not enough for you to alter your plans at all. highs in the lower 70s. the next three days, temperatures holding in the lower 90s on monday. we're back in the low 70s on thursday. all in all a pretty nice stretch of weather. the weekend is nice on saturday
5:51 pm
and sunday. back to you. >> it is that cross roads time of the year. >> yeah, it is gorgeous, especially for them had to do something that no other baseball team from this town has done. >> yeah, dave is out in the park with a big assignment for us today with a race to the playoffs. hey dave. >> you know what, i'm the luckiest man in washington, d.c., i think. you know, you talk about the washington nationals, and what they are trying to do for you. that's when they will make the playoffs, i'll say. when they make the playoffs. one of the guys who i think, quite frankly in my opinion, they will be responsible for that and a lot of the work that has been done here is joining me right now. but the general manager, you know, mike, i know that all season long, you know, this team, they have all said the right things for you. i mean, we know, we think that we'll be a good baseball team. we think that we could do it. but now you are one game from making it to the playoffs. so trust them getting into the playoffs. what are your emotions when a lot of people didn't think that you could do it? >> i think that it will be very business like. you know, even today, well, you
5:52 pm
know, there is a big calmness to us. a very business-like demeanor. we're taking it to another game. if you have not done anything yet after the game, we'll celebrate and pat ourselves on our backs to win the division. >> yeah, it has been a business- like atmosphere here. everyone is talking about him. certainly those are the big name player of the team. but you know, do you think that the fans, that they have sort of missed that mark on how good the baseball team is? you talk about the likes of all of them. you pulled the strings on them as well. >> well, i think that the ones that are paying attention, they know that we are far deeper than him right now. the fan base of washington, d.c., they know to and how we got here. and that this is a 25, 26, 28- man effort here that has taken place this season. you know, it's good managing, good coaching. it is good playing. and the people who are
5:53 pm
watching, they are paying attention as they know what's going on here. they are excited about it. >> and let's squash the rumor right now. are there any chances that you'll see them shoot it back up and play baseball in the post season? >> i don't think so. >> much in that right now, is that what you're saying? >> yes. >> and dan is the head of the dodgers. you have a sense of irony because you guys need to work together in the dog days as you were kind of building up this thing. what was it like seeing him, meeting and greeting him again is this >> it's great. you know, he was one of the reasons that, you know, i got here to washington. like i said, he was a mentor. a friend, he taught me a lot about the business and how to be an executive. >> reporter: and he did a darn good job because of this baseball team. 32 games, guys, over .500. coming up at 6:00, we'll have a full sports report. nats, redskins, and some alex ovechkin news as well. i appreciate you taking some time with us. >> my pleasure. >> all right, back to you in the studio. >> all right, thank you, dave. well, they could pile up. any place that you would prefer
5:54 pm
for the unwanted mail. but stilled had -- but still ahead, why you might soon have more junk to deal with. >> oh no. it is one of the most closely watched senate races in the entire country. today, the two former governors, governor cain and allen go head to head here on tyson's corner. i'm peggy fox, we'll show you the clear differences between these two candidates. but first, the future of television is right in the palm of your hand. i'll show you in a minute.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
pretty soon you'll have one of these. today, i was honored to with the m -- to be the mc. they were talking about it on capitol hill. but on your mobile devices, it is brought to you by the open mobile coalition, including the broadcasters and technology types. but what does it all mean to you? here is a look. >> reporter: this looks just like your tv. >> join in on the conversations. >> reporter: it sounds like it too, but can you do this with your 40 inch? >> what you have here is basically the future. >> he works with all of them as they made the app that will make tv mobile. that means live news, the
5:58 pm
dramas, whatever you would like to watch at home. >> so now, we are bringing in your favorite contents. news, information, sports, weather. the network content, it will be brought on into the devices, for you to enjoy it on the go. now, the video on your phone, certainly nothing new had. but the video here, it is over the air, like your tv. your free tv. >> will it does not require any of that there. so with all that in mind, what is not to like? >> oh wow, this is great. i love it. >> there is no service dividers. that's a good deal. >> i would use that. because it is convenient and you could keep it in your purse with your phone. >> reporter: exactly or in your pocket or wherever you need to keep your phone. now, we need to note a couple
5:59 pm
of things for you. an accessory that you'll need to make your phone act like a television. and that will cost about $100. but as of now, that $100 will be all you'll need to pay. you can't buy it just yet. they expect to be in your local stores by next friday. this is 9news now. campaign 2012 isn't just about the race to the white house this year. in virginia, it is also about the highly contested senate seat. two former governors are trying to grab it. peggy fox went to the debate today. >> reporter: there's an excitement between all of them. >> he was evasive for the first question from david gregory, who asked if they agree with the population. >> would you disagree with them on this point? >> on my point of view, they still believe it, the american drea

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